Drain Clearing In Lithia Springs, GA

One of the most frequent, but also trying plumbing problems in a home, is a clogged drain. This problem often occurs for many reasons, but still always leave you with the same headache. Standing water in your sink, slow draining shower or bathtub, and low water pressure, are among the common issues associated with clogged drains.

Clogged Drain? We Can Help.

Contact Panther Plumbing for Drain Clearing

Your slow-draining kitchen sink might not have seemed like a problem at first, but now you’re staring at a stagnant pool of sink water. To send that water down the drain where it belongs, reach out to Panther Plumbing for drain clearing. We’ll run a cable through your drain and cut through the clog right away.

Count on Us to Get Rid of Drain Blockages in No Time

Panther Plumbing has decades of drain cabling experience.
When you call on us to fix your drain, we will:

Sink or Tubs Drain Slowly?

Toilets Not Flushing Properly? You May Need Drain / Sewer Line Repair or Replacement​

A sink or tub that doesn’t drain properly could mean much bigger problems are hidden beneath the floors of you home. If your

toilets aren’t flushing properly it could be a problem with the

toilet itself. Other factors could be broken or cracked sewer

lines, roots growing in the line.

Panther Plumbing has decades of drain / sewer line repair or replacement experience.
Call on us to replace your drain / sewer line.

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