Expansion Tanks In Lithia Springs, GA

A water heater expansion tank is small tank that is attached to the water supply pipe of the water heater. The expansion tank is designed to handle the thermal expansion of water as it heats up in the water heater, preventing excessive water pressure. If water pressure gets to high it can damage valves in plumbing fixtures, joints in supply pipes and the water heater itself.

Does Your Water Heater Need An Expansion Tank?

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Most likely, you do. Yet, because expansion tanks were not as

necessary in the past as they are today, you may not even

know what an expansion tank is. Let alone why you

probably need one.

What is an Expansion Tank?

An expansion tank looks like a small tank or boiler, and typically sits on top of, or adjacent to the water heater.

They come in various sizes, depending on your water pressure, the size of the actual water heater, and the

temperature the water is heated to.

As water is heated, it expands. In a water heater as water is heated, pressure in the tank vessel will increase if there’s no room for thermal expansion. The old domestic hot water heater plumbing systems were designed so that the expanding water would push back some to outside of the house – into the public water main, which would absorb the pressure. But, with changes in city ordinances and plumbing practices, cities are no longer allowing it this way.
This pressure build-up now has no place to go, which can cause major issues with your water heater including failure or bursting, and in some instances even explosion. Homeowners need an expansion tank to prevent these issues.

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